Sedimentological, sequence stratigraphic and reservoir quality studies on Palaeozoic cores from Barents Shelf wells.

This is the key data on which exploration decisions are made. An archive of detailed core descriptions, microfacies, depositional models and reservoir quality from 20 late Palaeozoic wells.

  • Depositional models of reservoir and source rocks for all Palaeozoic sequences.
  • The architecture of karst and collapse breccia systems associated with the Loppa High.
  • Atlases of microfacies illustrating facies and reservoir quality.
  • These cores can be demonstrated in virtual or actual workshops.

Barent Shelf Report Map

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Description Report Numbers
Wells with core from key late Palaeozoic reservoirs 7128/6-1, 7229/11-1, 7130/4-1, 7228/9-1S, 7120/12-4, 7120/1-4S, 7120/2-1, 7220/11-4
Finnmark Platform wells 7128/6-1, 7128/4-1, 7130/4-1, 7229/11-1
SW Barents wells 7120/12-2, 7120/12-4
Loppa High wells with core showing range of karst and Triassic unroofing facies 7120/2-1, 7121/1-1R, 7120/1-1R2, 7120/1-3, 7120/1-4S, 7220/11-3, 7220/11-4, 7220/11-4A
Nørdkapp Basin/Bjarmeland Platform wells 7229/11-1, 7226/11-1, 7228/9-1S, 7321/8-1, 7225/3-1
Wells with core from Late Permian spiculite 7321/8-1, 7130/4-1, 7120-/1-3, 7128/4-1, 7128/6-1, 7120/1-4S, 7121/1-1R
Microfacies Atlases 7128/6-1, 7128/4-1, 7229/11-1, 7220/6-2R, 7220/11-3AR

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The full set of reports is available, or a “bespoke” set could be tailored to a client’s needs.