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Expertise in carbonate, evaporite, and mixed sedimentary systems.

Our mission is to help geoscientists, exploration teams, reservoir development teams, researchers, and analysts to realise the potential of their existing carbonate acreage or to evaluate new opportunities in carbonate systems.  We work across the full energy spectrum including petroleum, geothermal, radioactive waste disposal, mining, and other energy types.

Your journey to improve the understanding of your carbonate reservoirs starts here…

Why choose Cambridge Carbonates?

The CORE of Cambridge Carbonates is a TEAM of three highly experienced, WORLD-CLASS CARBONATE SEDIMENTOLOGISTS who aim to give YOU the competitive advantage. Our business model provides us with the flexibility to collaborate with our international hub of EXPERT ASSOCIATES in order to create a bespoke evaluation team. We look to understand the problems and the limitations of your data, to provide you with SOLUTIONS.

So, whether you need a tailored reservoir characterisation study, core logging, and petrography, or to discover our expert multiclient reports and training courses, our TEAM are here for you. Let’s explore some of our services and products together and find one that’s right for you and your carbonate reservoir.


This Summer Cambridge Carbonates have an exciting programme of carbonate courses. Based on decades of experience working with carbonate systems worldwide, and have proven very popular.
Click/tap here to book early.

Summer Courses 2022


Cambridge Carbonates Ltd. was established in 1993 and has more than 100 years’ of collective experience in the evaluation of carbonate reservoirs worldwide.

This extensive collective knowledge has been integrated to develop a suite of unique multi-client reports and palaeogeography maps on key basins, plays, and carbonate reservoir types.

These reports and palaeogeography maps provide your team with instant, up-to-date knowledge, and provide essential resources for carbonate exploration and reservoir characterisation.

Carbonate Reservoir Reports
Arabian Plate Maps and Reports
Barent Shelf Studies
SE Asian Carbonate Reservoir Reports
Circum Adriatic


Expertise in carbonate and evaporite systems

Our aim is to use the worldwide knowledge and experience of our core team, plus the flexibility of utilising our network of expert associates, to SOLVE YOUR RESERVOIR PROBLEMS.

We offer a tailored, integrated, suite of services to provide clarity and solutions to exploration and reservoir characterisation challenges.

  • Challenge: How can Cambridge Carbonates help us understand the potential of our licence areas and prospects? Solution: In exploration projects, we re-interpret diverse (and often old) data, we can recommend appropriate outcrop or sub-surface analogues, and integrate many data types to produce play maps.
  • Challenge: How can we predict how our reservoir will perform? Solution: Cambridge Carbonates will propose a work programme to fully evaluate the reservoir characteristics, and how these can be used in a predictive way. This might include seismic interpretation and well correlation; core logging and petrography; use of cuttings petrography to determine reservoir facies; diagenesis studies to understand the impact on reservoir quality (CL, stable isotopes, fluid inclusions); integration with petrophysical properties; mapping of reservoir units.
Reservoir Characterisation
Petrographic Services
Regional Expertise


The Cambridge Carbonates ‘Carbonates Card’.

Our FREE ‘Carbonate Card’ has proved very popular with Industry geoscientists and University students over the past few years! A great, hand-sized, crib card that summarises the key aspects that you need to know about carbonates….. including the Dunham textural classification of carbonates, the Choquette and Pray carbonate pore classification, and how ecosystems, sea level, climate, seawater chemistry, and the Strontium isotope composition of marine carbonates have changed through the Phanerozoic.

Please download here for the pdf or contact Jo for a laminated copy.

Please click the image for the pdf…


“The company I work for has had many excellent deliveries from Cambridge Carbonates over the years. I worked in close collaboration with them on a database-building project that enabled us to build our collective internal knowledge and to create tools that could be used to help us improve our subsurface predictions using this knowledge base. In the initial stages Cambridge Carbonates helped us to understand what we wanted (a task that should never be under-estimated), they performed the majority of the work in building the database, and along the way helped us to improve the project plan as it developed. They were strongly customer-focused, and their wide range of specialist experience proved invaluable in creating a superior product than we could have achieved on our own.”

Leading Advisor for Carbonate Geology
International Exploration and Production Company

“We greatly benefited from the expertise of Cambridge Carbonates in Mexico. The company conducted a high-quality core study, which significantly improved our understanding of the carbonate reservoirs. The cooperation with Cambridge Carbonates was supported by a collaborative environment and continuous interaction between Wintershall Dea experts.”

Andreas F
Wintershall Dea

“We have maintained rolling contracts with Cambridge Carbonates over a period of 14 years. They have a truly global expertise, knowledge and always bring important key insights to a wide range of geological problems. They are highly responsive to customer’s inputs needs, and prioritize close interactions. Always highly professional, and provide excellent and timely deliveries. Highly recommended.”

Senior Geologist
International Oil and Gas Company

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