Our CORE TEAM at Cambridge Carbonates consists of three highly motivated, world-class carbonate experts, with more than 100 years collective experience in working carbonates at all stratigraphic levels.

Cambridge Carbonates Team


The strength in using Cambridge Carbonates also lies in our ability to draw on our network of highly respected experts to deliver bespoke multi-disciplinary teams for our clients. Our Network of Experts work alongside the Core Team, both virtually and in-house, and across borders, to deliver projects of the highest quality.

Pete Gutteridge

Pete Gutteridge

Pete is a PhD consultant and former director …Read More…

Naemi Aguilera

Noemi Aguilera

Noemi is a PhD consultant for the oil industry …Read More…

Conor Byrne

Conor Byrne

Conor is an international Consultant Senior Geophysicist …Read More…

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan is a Major Oil Company trained petrophysicist …Read More…

Dougal Jerram

Dougal Jerram

Dougal is a volcanologist …Read More…

Steve Packer

Steve Packer

Steve is a highly experienced biostratigrapher…Read More…


Advanced Logic Technology logo

Advanced Logic Technology

“Technology advances as a solution to a problem. That is the business we are in – helping those in the geosciences industries with borehole logging hardware and software to answer questions, monitor conditions and solve problems.”
Advanced Logic Technology work worldwide with various governments, public and private companies across a multitude of diverse industries including: hydrogeology, geothermal, mining, shallow oil and gas, geotechnical and environmental.
Applied Petroleum Technology logo

Applied Petroleum Technology

APT can help obtain an enhanced understanding of your whole rock and fluids system and unlock the potential in your basin through careful integration of data into calibrated basin models.
They are proud to offer high-quality geochemistry and biostratigraphy services from their specialist laboratories.
AEON logo

Aeon Geoscience Systems

AEON offers seamless access to a wealth of public and private domain data through a freely accessible version of PROEX.
The PDR incorporates a vast database of spatial and subsurface data collated from the public domain and private databases. When coupled with free access and an array of visualisation tools the PDR is a data repository designed for the future of G&G data.

Global Geopressure Advice

For Exploration, Asset, Production and Development Teams.
Global Geopressure Consultancy Services combine basin studies, sedimentology, structural geology, drilling and geomechanics to provide an integrated, holistic service to determine the affects of geopressure as a tool for risking and safe well drilling.

Imaged Reality

Imaged Reality is a Virtual Reality specialist company for the oil industry. They are confident that Virtual Reality will transform, training, knowledge and skill development in the Oil Industry.
Immersion increases cognition and retention, giving faster insights. This means clients have real time remote collaboration. It also facilitates a novel approach and safe access to hazardous areas, wider outreach of training and cost reduction​.
Independent Petrographic Services Ltd Logo

Independent Petrographic Services

IPS is an independent company manufacturing high quality petrographic thin sections for oil/mining companies and universities both in the UK and internationally.
They specialise in clastic and carbonate thin sections of cores, core analysis plugs, drill cuttings and side wall cores. They also prepare sections of hard electrical ceramics and archaeological samples.
Millennia logo

Millennia Stratigraphic Consultants

Millennia SC Ltd. provides high-quality multi-disciplinary stratigraphic interpretation services through in-house staff and a range of expert consultants, all of whom have considerable years of experience working in all areas of the world and throughout the geological column. All our personnel have a wealth of experience of generating and integrating stratigraphic data with client geological and drilling teams, in-house, at client offices, and at wellsite.
Pore Scale Solutions Logo

Pore Scale Solutions

Pore Scale Solutions is an independant specialist company working in the petrography and reservoir quality analysis and interpretation of rocks and sediments.
They have over 40 years combined experience of oil and gas fields and prospects worldwide, working in Sediment Characterisation, Diagenesis, Pore Systems and Reservoir Quality, Petrography, Fluid Inclusion Analysis and Deep Zoom Imaging.
Striped Horse Resources Logo

Striped Horse Resources

Striped Horse Resources offers energy solutions for Africa’s economic evolution. It works as an international upstream consultancy company focused on the African market.
Services cover a wide range of technical and commercial applications, working either independently or in collaboratively with other specialists (like Cambridge Carbonates).
University of Liverpool logo

University of Liverpool Stable Isotopes Lab

The Liverpool Isotope Facility for Environmental Research (LIFER) was established in 2010 and contains state-of-the-art instrumentation for the analysis of stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen in solid, liquid and gaseous organic and inorganic chemicals.
The mine of information stored in these chemicals lead to this branch of stable isotope geochemistry being a valuable tool in geology, oceanography, marine ecology, palaeoceanography and palaeolimnology, archaeology and the life sciences.
VOG logo

Virtual Outcrop Group (VOG)

The Virtual Outcrop Geology Group is a collaboration between NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre), Bergen, Norway, and the University of Aberdeen, UK.
The group was established in 2004 and focuses on the study of geological outcrops to address reservoir related challenges, and specializes in the acquisition of outcrop data using novel collection techniques.

PetroXL Consulting SAS

PetroXL Consulting SAS is a company based in Paris since 2021. As geosciences consultants, we aim at offering fit for purpose sub-surface services in geomodelling and petrophysics, working independently or as integrated team members. We are strongly committed to our client’s satisfaction delivering in due time sustainable and high-quality work. Besides, we develop and sale our in-house petrophysical application which offers an alternative smart cost solution to perform petrophysical studies.