The characterisation of carbonate reservoirs present a suite of challenges, particularly if they have been diagenetically altered or over-printed by karst or fractures.

We offer a tailored, integrated suite of services, utilising expertise from both our Core Team and Our Network, to provide clarity and solutions to reservoir characterisation challenges. We have experience in applying these services not only to the hydrocarbon industry but also within geothermal energy evaluations and planning of radioactive waste management.

The starting point of many studies is the collation and interpretation of basic geological data. We use Petrel software in-house to enable us to visualise and interpret seismic and well data. ArcGIS software is used for the development of our palaeogeography maps.

We can develop static reservoir models, taking into account both depositional trends and diagenetic overprints, by integrating core, cuttings, SWC, poroperm data, logs, seismic, well test, and production data to define flow units. These can be used in volumetric determination and future planning. A bespoke work plan would be developed in order to fully address reservoir characterisation issues.

Click on this LINK to access one of our collaborative, publicly available, geothermal reservoir characterisation reports.

Reservoir Characterisation