Cambridge Carbonates have extensive experience working the Zechstein carbonates in the Southern and Northern Permian Basins of Europe. We offer clients a 2 day virtual, or in-person, workshop, which is supported by a virtual field trip to outcrops of the Zechstein of NE England. The aims of the workshop are to:

  • Provide an overview of the complexities and approaches to working in mixed carbonate-evaporite successions
  • Zechstein stratigraphy, sedimentology, and depositional environments.
  • Range of facies observed within a basin margin and isolated carbonate platform depositional context.
  • Impact of diagenesis, brecciation, fracture systems, and secondary porosity.
  • Key analogue fields, in particular from the Southern Permian Basin
  • The use of virtual outcrops to support subsurface work.
echstein workshop and virtual fieldtrip

We have collaborated with VOG, SafariDB and University of Aberdeen to provide a virtual fieldtrip of the NE England coastal outcrops. These remarkable outcrops demonstrate the Zechstein facies and later spectacular diagnesis which has substantially altered these reservoir facies.

Zechstein workshop image

Zechstein Workshop and Virtual Field Trip Flyer
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