A 2 to 3-day field course discussing the carbonate facies and diagenesis of contrasting sedimentary sequences in the Zechstein of North East England.

The Zechstein carbonates and evaporite collapse breccias are well exposed in NE England and demonstrate the formation of sedimentary sequences under the influence of evaporitic drawdown and marine transgression. These sedimentary sequences show contrasting shelf and ramp geometries with differing facies patterns, diagenesis, and pore types. The dissolution of inter-bedded evaporites allows the geometry of carbonate collapse breccias and associated diagenetic effect to be seen in the area.

The following topics are addressed:

  • Late Permian reef communities
  • Resedimented and slumped carbonates
  • Dolomitisation and effects of evaporite dissolution
  • Facies types and pore systems in carbonate ramps and shelves

The field trip can be run over two to three days depending on clients’ requirements. Clients have used this trip for:

  • Team building
  • Study of asset-related analogues
  • Foreign secondees
  • General geological training

Zechstein Carbonates Field Course Flyer
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This workshop can be adjusted for duration to fit the clients’ needs.