A 2 to 5-day field course discussing the facies and diagenesis of 4th and 5th order sequences in different tectonic settings.

The Derbyshire carbonate platform developed during the rift phase of Carboniferous basin evolution. We will discuss sedimentary sequences formed in platform margin and interior settings under the influence of rifting and glacio-eustasy.

The seismic sequence stratigraphy of the sub-surface Dinantian can be directly matched to facies type and geometry seen at the outcrop. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Sedimentary sequences formed under the combined influence of 4th order glacio-eustatic cyclicity and 3rd order rift events
  • Contrasting karst types formed during different order low stands
  • Dolomitisation and mineralisation
  • The Carboniferous petroleum system of central England

The field trip can be run over two to five days depending on clients’ requirements. Clients have used this trip for:

  • Team building
  • Study of asset-related analogues
  • Foreign secondees
  • General geological training

Debyshire Field Course Flyer
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This workshop can be adjusted for duration to fit the clients’ needs.