This course is aimed at geoscientists working with mixed carbonate and evaporite petroleum systems, who want to improve their knowledge and gain insight on important analogues in these settings. The course incorporates new information about the interaction of active salt tectonics and carbonate deposition and a new approach to the sequence stratigraphy of mixed carbonate-evaporite systems.

The course is 3 days, and can be delivered in-house or virtually through Teams/Zoom.

The aims of the workshop are to:

  • Provide an overview petroleum systems in carbonate and evaporite basins
  • Discuss the origin of evaporite minerals and workflows for evaluating evaporites in core and thin section
  • Introduce how the interaction of carbonates and evaporites can be predicted in a sequence stratigraphic framework
  • Discuss salt tectonics and the interaction of carbonate systems and mobile salt; including the post-depositional interaction, such as development of salt-withdrawal basins
  • Provide insights into the complex diagenesis in carbonate-evaporite systems

The course is illustrated using examples from the Middle East, Mexico, South Atlantic margins, Barents Shelf, and the Zechstein of Europe.

Evaporate systems image
Evaporate systems image

Advanced Carbonates and Evaporites 3 Day Workshop Flyer
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