Cambridge Carbonates can offer courses/workshops on carbonate reservoir characterisation, ranging from 1-5 days. The workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of the clients or can be provided as a more generic workshop. The workshops can be delivered in-house, or virtually via Teams/Zoom. Workshops can also be integrated with core viewings and/or field trips.

Provide an up-to-date review of:

  • Controls of carbonate sedimentation
  • Carbonate depositional systems
  • Sequence stratigraphy of carbonate systems
  • Seismic expression of carbonate systems
  • Diagenesis of carbonates and its impact on carbonate pore systems and reservoir properties
  • Log response of carbonates
  • Carbonate pore systems and diagenesis
  • Carbonate reservoirs types

Evaluate the essential steps in the exploration and characterisation of carbonate reservoirs

Carbonate reservoir characterisation workshop
Carbonate Reservoirs Workshop

Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation Workshop Flyer
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All workshops are supplemented with challenging practical exercises and case histories of carbonate systems and reservoirs that are tailored to the client’s area of interest (where possible).

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