31% Discount on Our Multiclient Reports!

For February and March 2024 ONLY, we are offering a πŸ’₯ 31% discount πŸ’₯ on our EXPERT MULTICLIENT REPORTS…… to celebrate the company’s 31st BIRTHDAY!

We have a wide range of technical reports that we offer as multiclient reports. These include

🌍 In depth regional evaluations including “SE Asia carbonate systems and reservoir development”, regional and area reports from Iraq, and “Review and Insights into Carbonate Plays of the Circum-Adriatic”
🌍 Sedimentological, sequence stratigraphic and reservoir quality studies on wide variety of Palaeozoic cores from Barents Shelf wells
🌍 Our quite remarkable in-house dataset of >440 detailed palaeogeography maps of the Arabian Plate Foreland Basin
🌍 And our Carbonate Reservoir Reports, detailing critical exploration and production insights on both “Tectonic Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs” AND “Hydrothermal, burial and fracture-related dolomites”

Take a look at the expert report webpage for more details!