Cambridge Carbonates Presentation at AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop 2022

Last week a poster was presented at the AAPG conference in the UAE, as part of a collaboration between CCL, BeicipFranlab and JEX Geoconsulting

Our poster on ‘Modelling Big Arabian Platforms’ was the first time anybody has undertaken and presented forward modelling of such a large area within the DIONISIS modelling package that has been developed by IFP.  The work has incorporated our (CCL) Arabian Plate palaeogeographical map control of the Shu’aiba and associated formations, over areas of UAE, Qatar, Iran, Oman and Saudi Arabia; in addition to well and isopach data provided by Jim Efstathiou of JEX Geoconsulting and the big number-crunching and to be honest, most of the hard work, by Samer Bou Daher of IFP.  This has been a fascinating exercise because we found that the modelling was very sensitive to the importance and placing of sequence boundaries…. a spoiler alert is that some of the ‘current’ sequence models just did not produce anywhere near a realistic result.  But, read it and see what worked!.  Obviously, please contact Andy ( for any more details, any information on use of maps for such regional studies.